Cupcake Love!

How it all began…

I’m not exactly sure when it began, but my love of baking has been around for a long time. I always say that you can either cook well or bake well, but rarely do both well (of course this is a gross generalization…). I say this because they are two very different skill sets. Baking is about precision; its about chemistry. Baking relies on the exact amount of flour and sugar and butter… you can’t fly by the seat of your pants unless you don’t want what you’re baking to turn out properly! I used to pick on my sister growing up because her cookies were always flat and hard, she could never get them to turn out right back then. That being said, she is an amazing cook! She can just throw spices and ingredients in and everything turns out perfect. I am the exact opposite of her. That is why I love the precision of baking. I love that how you measure the flour matters (you don’t scoop, you spoon it into the measuring cup) because the little details in life have always mattered to me.

The cupcake obsession…

CupcakeSwirlTo be honest, I’m not positive when the singular obsession with cupcakes took over. I’m sure it has been a progression over the years. It came to the forefront when I made the cupcakes for my best friend’s bridal shower; I had such a blast learning the different decorating techniques. Then people started buying decorating tools for me and I wanted to practice more & more. Also, different cupcake only businesses became popular which only spurred on my obsession. Then I had to pick a topic for my mock website in my web design class and I decided to choose a bakery that I entitled ‘The Cupcake Swirl.’ The site was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed daydreaming about owning a bakery. It is such a risky venture though! Plus, I’m afraid that if I was forced to bake in that quantity that I wouldn’t really love it anymore.

The blog…

In order to fuel my passion, I’ve decided to begin this weekly blog. Once a week I will try out a different cupcake recipe and then provide that recipe and its review here on this blog. I think it will be a blast. Plus, many people will be the recipients of a weekly homemade treat from me! I am excited to get started!


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