S’mores Fail

I don’t have a lovely picture for this one, I sure wish I did though because it was a mess! I write this more as a fun warning about internet recipes: always proceed with some caution!

My husband and I graduated from college this year, so we threw a little bonfire party for our friends to help us celebrate. I figured that, amongst the other flavors, S’mores cupcakes would be perfect! I went onto Pinterest and found the S’mores cupcake recipe that I had pinned some time earlier and began to prepare. As I’m sure the title has tipped you off to, the cupcakes were a messy fail! Its like they exploded out of muffin tin and made the biggest mess. I immediately unpinned the recipe and began cleaning up. I have yet to try a S’mores cupcake recipe again, although I really want to because they sound delicious. Hopefully I will have a success story for you soon!


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