1017368_10151679466245219_359884409_nHi! My name’s Kristen & in another life, I would’ve been a baker! In this life though, I am a graphic designer. I wish there was a way that I could figure out how to be both… too bad both jobs are completely all-consuming in the time department!

I love baking (not so much cooking, but that’s another story)! I also love designing blogs & website so… I decided to make a blog about me baking. I will be trying out a different cupcake recipe weekly, because cupcakes are my absolute favorite! They are so cute, delicious, & portion controlled! 🙂 I also hope to use this as an occasion to bring together my boys (I have 2 of them) and friends as taste testers and helpers. Food, fun, family, friends… how many more wonderful words starting with ‘f’ can there be?!

Hopefully you enjoy reading about my journey into baking & blogging!

Picture of my cupcake tattoo

I love cupcakes so much that I made it permanent!